Our internationally experienced kitchen crew is a master of its craft, top chefs who not only cook but love food. Their Credo: Best ingredients, imaginatively combined and skillfully prepared. Our Mediterranean-inspired menu celebrates the theme of fish in many variations, but also flavors the meat. If you want to enjoy vegetarian food, the Meerbar is the place to visit. Our kitchen is also the right answer for special wishes or existing food intolerances.



Mussels | Rhenish Style 1/2 kg
1 kg
Pumpkin Soup | Pumpkin Seeds | Pumpkin Seed Oil | Scallop€14
Grilled Octopus | Beetroot Salad | Horseradish Cream€16
Buffalo Mozzarella | Tomato Basil Confit | Arugula€16
Duroc Pork Belly | Beans | Pak Choi | Wheat Beer-Cinnamon-Soy Sauce€16
Gin Pickled Salmon| Autumnal Salad | Pumpernickel€16
Black Tiger Prawns | Olives | Spring Onions | Tomatoes | Aioli 6 pieces
12 pieces
Hamchi-Salmon Sashimi | Wasabi | Soja Gel | Wakame-Seaweed Salad €24
Tartar of Argentine Premium Black Angus Fillet of Beef (Spicy)
Quail Egg | Truffled French Fries


Irische Oysri No. 2€6,5
Französiche Tsarskaya No. 2€6,5
Gillardeau Tia Mara€7
Served with Shallot–Yuzu–Vinaigrette

Our Specials

Seafood Platter:p. P. €39
Black Tiger Prawns | Scallop | Grilled Octopus | 2 Oyters
Shrimps | Mussels | Daily Selection Fish Tatar
Leaf Salad | Roasted Bread | Dips
Canadian Half Lobster + €36
Canadian Half Lobster | Guacamole Arrabbiata | Dips | Roasted Bread | Seaweed Salad€42

Main Courses

Redfish Fillet | Smoked Almond Crust | Swiss Chard | Ginger | Mashed Sweet Potato | Jus€28
Halibut Fillet | Autumnal Couscous | Romanesco Vegetables | Mustard Sauce€28
Salmon Tranche | Beluga Lenses | Pak Choi Vegetables | Capers | Parmesan€28
Tuna Steak rare| Teriyaki Vegetables | Mashed Black Beans€34
Fillet Steak| Low Fat Piece of the Loin
250 g €38
Entrecôte300 g €32
Chateaubriand | Large Fillet From The Loin Whole Grilled800 - 900 g €115
Served with Cabbage | Mashed Pumpkin | Shallot-Lavender-Red Wine Jus
Duck Leg | Turnips | Chestnut Polenta | Apricot-Red Wine Jus€25
Fedelini all ‘Arrabbiata | Kalamata Olives | Spring Onions
with Black Tiger Prawns
or with Beef Fillet Strips
Paccheri | Venison Ragout
With Black Tiger Shrimps
or Tenderloin Strips
Tagliatelle | Fresh Truffle | Planed Parmesan€24
Seafood Risotto | Saffron | Bimi€26


Eis & Sorbet Variation | Macaron | Früchte€10
Kürbiskuchen | Eiscreme von der weißen Schokolade€10
Blaubeer Cheesecake | Tonka Schaum€10
Pflaumenkompott | Vanilleeis | Zimt Crumble€10


Ice Cream & Sorbet Variation | Macaron | Fruits€10
Pumpkin Pie | White Chocolat Ice Cream€10
Blueberry Cheesecake | Tonka Cream€10
Plum Compote | Vanilla Ice Cream | Cinnamon Crumble€10

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu | Monday - Friday 12-16 Clock
Pumpkin Soup | Pumpkin Seeds | Pumpkin Oil €8
Buffalo Mozzarella | Arugula | Tomato | Basil€10
Autumn Salad | Pear | Feta Cheese | Nuts
500 g Mussels (Rhenish Style) | White Wine Broth | Root Vegetables
Gin Pickled Salmon | Beet Salad€10
Salmon Fillet | Swiss Chard | Bean Puree | Mustard Sauce€18
Fish Plate | Redfish | Halibut | Octopus | Pointed Cabbage | Sweet Potato Puree €18
Tuna Tataki | Beluga Lentils | Seaweed Salad€20
Corn Chicken Breast | Pak Choi | Shitake | Pumpkin Puree€20
Penne all'Arrabbiata (Spicy) | Kalamata Olives | Spring Leeks€10
Tagliatelle | Venison Ragout | Mushrooms€14
Fedellini AOP | Minute Steak from Argentinian Entrêcote €20
Ice Cream and Sorbet Daily Offerper Piece 2,5
Pumpkin Pie | Icecream White Chocolate€8
Plum ragout | Vanilla Icecream | Cinnamon crumble €8

Day Menu

Bar Menu



The MEERBAR would not be a bar if there were no cocktails: Choose from a wide range of classic and popular creations or try something new. Our range of spirits is in line with the international top hotel industry and offers you the right choice from exquisite whiskeys to a fancy gin selection. In the non-alcoholic sector, we naturally satisfy every wish. The enjoyment is guaranteed!



Finger food, flying menu, flying buffet, seafood or fine dining? All of our 35 chefs are very expierenced in all segments and will fulfill your wishes at the highest level.
With pleasure we provide to you an individual offer for your event.



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